WVE Vehicle Electronics Introduces 203 New Part Numbers In June

WVE Vehicle Electronics Introduces 203 New Part Numbers In June

The new parts cover more than 63.6 million vehicles in operation.

WVE Vehicle Electronics introduced 203 new part numbers in June for a variety of emissions and fuel-injection products, sensors and switches now available for a range of light- and heavy-duty vehicle applications.

In all, WVE announced two new emissions products, one fuel-injection product, 153 new sensors and 47 new switches – covering more than 63.6 million vehicles.

New part numbers are available for the following part types:

  • Four-wheel-drive actuators
  • Accelerator pedal sensors
  • Accessory power relay
  • Automatic transmission fluid temperature sensors
  • Automatic transmission oil-pressure switches
  • Automatic transmission speed sensors
  • Battery-current sensors
  • Brake-fluid level sensors
  • Brake-fluid pressure sensors
  • Brake-light switches
  • Door-lock actuators
  • Door-lock switches
  • Door-mirror switches
  • Door-window switches
  • EGR-pressure sensors
  • Engine camshaft-position sensors
  • Engine coolant-level sensors
  • Engine coolant-temperature sensors
  • Engine crankshaft-position sensors
  • Engine cylinder-head temperature sensors
  • Engine oil-level sensors
  • Engine oil-pressure switches
  • Engine variable valve timing (VVT) solenoids
  • Exhaust-gas temperature (EGT sensors)
  • Fuel-injection pressure sensors
  • HVAC blower-motor resistors
  • HVAC cut-off switches
  • HVAC heater-core temperature sensors
  • HVAC sun sensors
  • Ignition-knock (detonation) sensors
  • Ignition-lock cylinders
  • Manifold absolute pressure sensors
  • Mass airflow sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • Throttle-position sensors
  • Washer-fluid sensor

“The addition of these new part numbers for June further demonstrates our continued commitment to meeting the needs of our customers with a full line of professional-grade vehicle electronics and engine management products,” said Patrick Sommerfeld, vice president of sales and marketing with Wells Vehicle Electronics.

For more information on the new part numbers launched this month, as well as a complete parts list, visit WVE’s online catalog at http://wvebrand.com/parts.

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