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AASA Unveils Mobility Innovation Conference Dates, Key Topics

The Mobility Innovation Conference hosted by AASA’s Mobility Technology Council will be held as a virtual event on Aug. 30-31, but the insights and networking will be just as powerful as ever.


There will be a series of critical presentations and thoughtful conversations on everything from telematics to predictive analysis, mobile apps to dongles, sensors to parts, plus vehicle data and ADAS.

“The Aftermarket Mobility Innovation Conference will provide a great opportunity to explore emerging vehicle technologies and how they could impact the automotive aftermarket industry,” said Josh Meyer, vice president, strategy and innovation, LKQ. “I am especially looking forward to the roundtable discussions, which always provide a lot of food for thought because of the different perspectives of the participants.” 

This years’ key topics include Big Tech and telematics; cybersecurity; future automotive technologies; new players in the automotive technology world; and driver monitoring: next-generation safety. Specific speakers will be added to the event website soon. 


AASA’s Mobility Innovation Conference is produced by the AASA Mobility Technology Council and includes insights on the latest trends in telematics, predictive analytics, mobile apps, plug-in devices, sensors, vehicle-data platforms, ADAS and more. 

Additional information about the AASA Mobility Technology Conference can be accessed by visiting the event registration page.  

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