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Ford To Discuss Electrification At AASA Vision Conference

Mark Kaufman, global director of electric vehicle marketing & distribution at Ford Motor Co., will lead a session on electrification at the 2020 AASA Vision Conference.


During the session, “Electrification: Aftermarket Headwind or Tailwind?”, Kaufman will the company’s strategic decision to create the Mustang Mach-E, its appeal to sports car and technology enthusiasts, and Ford’s future plans for EVs. MEMA Chief Technology Officer Brian Daugherty will address the aftermarket impact of battery-electric vehicles and cover insights from the 2018 AASA/Strategy& report on the effect of vehicle technologies on replacement rates.

The 2020 AASA Vision Conference is scheduled for March 26 in Rosemont, Illinois.


Kaufman was appointed Ford’s global EV director in October 2017 in a newly formed organization created to accelerate Ford’s global electrification efforts. Kaufman brings a breadth of experience to the position. He has worked in various roles in marketing, sales and service, product development and strategy across five continents. His prior role was president, Ford ASEAN, which was based in Bangkok and responsible for managing and growing Ford’s integrated operations across the ASEAN region, as well as Korea and Asia Pacific emerging markets.

“With the number of competitive EVs launching around the world, Ford knew that we had to go further than creating a car just to meet compliance. We knew we had to create an EV with soul,” Kaufman said. “Mach-E harnesses the power of electrification to create a unique driving experience while retaining that unmistakable Mustang feeling of freedom.” “OEMs are investing heavily in vehicle electrification to meet future fuel economy requirements,” Daugherty added. “While consumer demand and therefore the pace of the rollout is somewhat uncertain, it is coming, and it will have a dramatic impact on the aftermarket.”


AASA members attending the conference also can take advantage of an additional benefit: attendance at the association council meetings held in conjunction with the event. Member conference participants can attend the AASA Intellectual Property Council, AASA Marketing Executives Council and AASA AAPEX Event Committee meetings on March 25 and meetings for the AASA Technology Council and the AASA Modern Industry eXpertise Council on March 27. Council meeting attendance is limited to AASA members only; some limitations apply, and pre-registration is required. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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