I have a ‘98 Chevy pickup with the 4.3l automatic transmission.

I have a ‘98 Chevy pickup with the 4.3l automatic transmission.

I have a ‘98 Chevy pickup with the 4.3l automatic transmission. Lately it was giving me a lot of trouble shifting gears. After a lube service on the transmission all the gears went really nice and without hesitation. But after a week the transmission it went into neutral on all gears. Could it be the shifting solenoids or a mechanical issue??

Sometimes if the fluid has not been changed for a great many miles this will occur.  It is usually in the valve body that varnish builds up and the new thicker fluid will not flow as freely as it should.  

It is not uncommon to have these problems after changing the fluids.  It may be something simple but, not usually.

Gerald Wheelus
Edgewood Auto Parts #253
Edgewood, Texas

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