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On my 2000 Chevy Cavalier 2.4L, I have had problems with the fan in my car.

The air only blows when I turn the switch to the 2 highest levels and doesn’t work at all at the lower 2 levels. I have been told that it might simply be the blower motor. Any ideas?

Also, my passenger window is having problems. It will roll down a little bit, but then stop. It then takes a few minutes to “recharge” before it has the power to go any further. Is that just the motor having problems? And my driver’s window is starting to do the same thing. Is there a connection?


The blower motor is most likely bad. Could be the switch, but not likely.


As far as the windows, you need to look at the regulator first. Make sure It’s in good shape, then go to the motor.

Matthew Vaughn

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