PWR STEER Training Videos Focus On Power-Steering Systems

PWR STEER Training Videos Focus On Power-Steering Systems

The video series provides training on proper servicing, installation and repair of power-steering systems.

PWR STEER Motion Control Systems, a division of Premium Guard Inc., has launched a new series of videos on proper servicing, installation and repair of power-steering systems. 

The new series is comprised of five videos that provide the latest training and in-depth instruction on power-steering-system inspection, power-steering-pump and gear-box replacement and rack-and-pinion assembly installation.

“PWR STEER’s ongoing commitment to lowering warranty in this category is driven by the PWR ‘Installation Ready’ program, packaging and continuing to deliver the highest-quality power-steering products in the market,” the company said in a news release.   

The new videos cover: power-steering inspection; power-steering gear-box replacement; power-steering-pump replacement; rack-and-pinion installation; and flushing and vacuum bleeding a power-steering system.

Each video is introduced by Mike Caron, PWR STEER’s program director, and features voiceover narration, video captions and instructive diagrams to help explain the service procedures.

The new videos can be viewed on the PWR STEER website or the PWR STEER YouTube Channel, and are compatible with Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

“With the exception of steering specialists, we know that power steering service is not an everyday job, like filters or brakes,” said PWR STEER Director of Sales John Sturges. “We developed this training series to give technicians the latest information when they take on a power-steering job. Today’s power-steering systems are different than those of 30 years ago. Many have remote reservoirs that need to be serviced or replaced, so we developed these videos to address these requirements and other variants to make sure techs don’t overlook them. PWR plans to roll out more videos, keying in on areas that will help further educate service centers and techs.”

PWR STEER Motion Control Systems offers the automotive aftermarket a unique, single source for a new installation-ready power-steering program. In addition to exceptional, all-makes application coverage, PWR STEER components are 100% engineered in the USA, quality built by global TIER manufacturing partners and free of core exchange hassles.

For added customer convenience, PWR STEER also maintains an interactive website at, with an advanced application-lookup catalog.

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