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Making The Case For ADAS

As real-world testing of autonomous vehicles begins, the technology is encountering some pretty significant speed bumps.

ADAS Overview And Common Failure Points

Despite how advanced these systems are, sometimes something simple can interfere.

Best Practices For ADAS Service

When it comes to ADAS concerns, start by scanning for codes to see if the system has detected any faults or issues.

A Closer Look: Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) Overview: Advanced Driver Assist Systems have been quite the industry buzz over the last several years. We have seen new business opportunities arise, and even a new segment of mobile technicians focusing on ADAS calibrations. While ADAS may seem relatively new, automotive service professionals have been servicing Driver Assist Systems

Standard Motor Products Introduces 146 New Part Numbers

The release spans 55 different product categories and includes 38 part numbers for 2021 and 2022 model-year vehicles.

ASE Introduces ADAS Specialist Certification Test

The test is designed to identify technicians who possess knowledge of the skills required to diagnose, service and calibrate ADAS.

AASA Vision: Aftermarket Missing Out On ADAS Opportunity

More than 90% of ADAS work that comes into mechanical shops is outsourced to a dealership.

Standard Motor Products Releases 434 New Part Numbers

The release spans 129 product categories and expands coverage through the 2022 model year by more than 500 million VIO.

AASA’s McCarthy: ‘Current Market Is A Battle For Availability’

Paul McCarthy, president and CEO of AASA, discusses key issues affecting the aftermarket in 2022 and beyond.

Paul McCarthy
Autel Video Heralds Release of IA800 Positioning System

The video shows the transformation of the Autel Standard ADAS Calibration Frame into a three-dimensional recognition system.

IA800 Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning
To ADAS … And Beyond!

Fully automated driving could be years away. But the technology is here today.

Autel US Expands ADAS Calibration Coverage

The three calibration expansion packages expand the vehicle and device coverage of the listed calibration solutions.