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How to Detect Signs of Worn-Out Brake Pads

Ensuring a vehicle’s braking system is in working order is crucial to your customers’ safety. So, a thorough assessment of the vehicle’s brake pad wear is a must. Keep reading for some tips and tricks from our expert techs when it comes to diagnosing brake pad wear and how to remedy some common potential issues.

What is “brake fade” and how can it be prevented?

Brake fade presents itself in ways that feel similar to that of a worn-out brake pad. However, it does not mean brake replacement is needed. With brake fade, stopping power will return, although not always to the same extent once the problem has been addressed. As a tech, your expertise is crucial in identifying whether

ADVICS Releases New Toyota, Lexus Brake Pads

This expansion adds coverage for approximately 5 million VIO to the existing product offering.

ADVICS Adds 67 Brake Rotors To Portfolio

The new SKUs expand the company’s Hyundai, Kia and Genesis coverage.

ADVICS Brand Launches New Packaging Design

ADVICS said it will gradually roll out the new packaging and branding as old inventory is phased out.

ADVICS: Understanding The Critical Role Of Brake Fluid

A vehicle’s braking system places tremendous demands on the brake fluid.

Not All Brake Fluid Is Created Equal

Recommending an ultra-premium brake fluid that’s tested to OEM standards offers a number of advantages for your customers.

Understanding Brake-Fluid Viscosity

In the simplest terms, viscosity is a measure of the thickness of brake fluid, especially at low temperatures.

A Closer Look At Brake-Fluid Boiling Points

A higher wet boiling point means better braking performance and a safer vehicle.

Recommending Ultra-Premium Brake Fluid

Brakes are a vehicle’s most critical safety system.

Why Wet And Dry Boiling Points Are Important

The higher the wet boiling point, the less likely it is that the brake fluid will boil under hot braking conditions.

Wet and Dry Boiling Points
Breaking Down The DOT Ratings For Brake Fluid

When you’re recommending a DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid, keep in mind that quality matters.

DOT Ratings