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Minding Your P’s And Q’s

Price and Quality are two of the most important considerations for customers purchasing from you.

Replacing Catalytic Converters

When replacing a catalytic converter, it’s important to know whether the vehicle falls under EPA or CARB emissions standards.

Cashing In On The ‘Ag Aftermarket’

Farms and ranches offer plenty of opportunities for parts stores to harvest profits.

These ‘Car Movies’ Will Get Your Motor Running

They feature iconic cars, exciting chase scenes and even the occasional Oscar-worthy performance.

Tools, Auto Parts Go Hand In Hand

A loaner program makes your store a one-stop shop.

Outside the Parts Catalog: Ford

While not as thorough as the GM SPID decal, some major component options can be decoded from the door sticker on Fords too.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Manager?

The skills needed to be a successful counter pro provide a great foundation for the leap to store manager.

More Than Parts: Value-Added Services Counter Pros Provide

In Counter View, I often refer to parts specialists as “those of us behind the counter.” In reality, there’s an awful lot that we do that happens well-away from the comfort of our workstations.

LED There Be Light

LED technology has a bright future in the aftermarket.

TPMS Basics

Tire-pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) have been a mandatory feature on new vehicles for over a decade. But in some form or another, they have been around for nearly 30 years.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act: Taking The Worry Out Of Warranties

For many of our customers, warranty is a driving factor in their purchasing decisions, and it can have a big influence on what they purchase from us.

Understanding The Unique Needs Of Auto Body Shops

Servicing body shop customers can be a very profitable opportunity. But in order to successfully cater to their needs, your store needs to be prepared for the unique requests that accompany these accounts.