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VIDEO: Cabin Air Filters And Odors

If your customer is complaining about a foul smell emanating from the interior of their car, it could be time for a “fresh” cabin air filter.

Air Filters: Media Matters

This isn’t fake news.

VIDEO: Fuel Filters Are Essential To Vehicle Health

The fuel filter is the first line of defense against contaminants.

Premium Guard Releases 2020 Filter Catalog At AAPEX With More Than 100 New Late-Model Part Numbers

Premium Guard’s new full-line catalog has been designed with a new layout, which presents all related products in a convenient year/make/model format, so product applications can be quickly and easily searched to perform the complete job with all parts needed.

WATCH: Tips For Installing Cartridge Oil Filters (Part 1)

While the oil-and-filter change is one of the most basic maintenance jobs on a vehicle, cartridge oil filters make potential mistakes more likely because they require more knowledge and tools to properly change the oil than a canister filter.

PurolatorTECH 2020 Catalog Now Available

Designed for automotive technicians and counter professionals, the PurolatorTECH 2020 catalog contains all applications from 2000 to new-model-year vehicles, including more than 50 new oil, air and cabin air filters.

WIX Filters Introduces 103 New Parts in First Half of Year

These parts include 32 light-duty parts, 58 heavy-duty parts and a variety of other industrial, OPP and specialty parts.

WIX Filters
MAHLE Aftermarket ‘7 Reasons’ Promotion Offers 7 Opportunities to Win Prizes

The “7 Reasons” promotion, tied to MAHLE Aftermarket’s seven main product categories, launched on July 22, with each tier having a two-week timeframe.

Purolator Introduces 61 New Part Numbers

The new part numbers include oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters covering late-model applications through 2019.

WATCH: Spring Is the Perfect Time to Talk About Cabin Air Filters

For drivers or passengers who suffer from allergies, replacing the cabin air filter on a regular basis is a must.

WIX Filters Named Title Sponsor for 2019 US Legend Cars International Legend Car Series

USLCI and WIX Filters will kick off their partnership during the U.S. Legend Cars International Lone Star Spring Battle on March 28-31 at Texas Motor Speedway.

30 New Filters Added to Purolator, PurolatorONE, PurolatorTECH Lines

These new part numbers include oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters covering late model applications through 2019.