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VIDEO: GM Clutch-Installation Issues

Failure to pay attention during a clutch replacement can ruin the job.

GM Clutch Installation Issues
LUBEGARD Introduces 2-In-1 Combination Tip For Kooler Kleen

The two-in-one design combines LUBEGARD’s original 5/16-inch and cone tips in one fitting.

LubeGard Kooler Kleen Combination Tip
VIDEO: Replacing A CVT Isn’t The Only Option

There are products in the aftermarket that specifically address CVT issues such as leaks, noise, slipping and hesitation.

CVT Transmission Fix
VIDEO: Understanding Dual-Mass Flywheels

Proper procedures are critical to follow when making repairs on vehicles with a DMF.

VIDEO: Understanding The Hydraulic Clutch-Actuation System

Most later-model vehicles with a manual transmission use a hydraulic system to actuate the clutch.

Hydraulic Clutch Actuation
VIDEO: Understanding Dual-Clutch Transmissions

Schaeffler offers a future-proof tool system for correct assembly and disassembly of double-clutch systems.

Double Clutch Transmissions
VIDEO: Manual Transmissions

The components of a manual transmission you’ll likely encounter are the clutch disc, the pressure plate and a possible throw-out bearing.

VIDEO: Continuously Variable Transmissions

The CVT is a different twist on the traditional automatic transmission, and the technology continues to evolve.

Simplifying All-Wheel-Drive Systems

Manufacturers are reducing the complexity of transfer cases and differentials while relying more on the wheel ends.

Inland Truck Parts Opens 2 Expanded Facilities in Oklahoma City

The company currently has more than 850 employees in 39 locations spanning the Great Plains, including its two Oklahoma City stores.

Death of the Stick Shift?

Automatic transmissions dominate the U.S. vehicle market.

ZF Aftermarket to Showcase Entire Product Portfolio at AAPEX 2018

AAPEX attendees will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with ZF Aftermarket technology, the company noted.