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We Are Counterpros, Not Numbers!

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I was recently outraged when I read about a large retailer’s plan to replace experienced counterpeople with a few kiosks, pamphlets and in-store televisions.

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To switch a true counterman with former a “burger joint” employee and say they are experienced people is a slap in the face. It makes this profession seem like all we need to do is follow a magic computer’s flow chart and we’re instantly ASE-certified.
That being said, there are many who find working in a big-box chain rewarding; I too did my time in those stores. Most importantly, I have learned that knowledge and experience is the key.
Often, I’ve seen these poor guys and girls who think they are so-called parts experts, only to have their bubbles burst in a “real” parts environment. Unfortunately, most crash and burn, but some do rise above the dust and become great parts people when given the opportunity.


We cannot allow these corporations to abuse and cash in on our skills as knowledgeable parts people. If I ever thought an entry-level position in this field was something like a short-order cook fry boy, I would have questioned my decision to enter this field 25 years ago.
Stand up, folks. Show pride in your profession and never let anybody question your skill as a counterperson, a field that takes a considerable amount of training. We are not numbers; we are people and no amount of kiosks will replace that.

Bob Balderston
Detroit, MI

It came to my attention from one of the big retailers that there is a problem with DEX-COOL creating sediment and damaging radiator and other components in the cooling system of the car. Have you hear anything about this?


Response: Iron corrosion products tend to float, not sink, in OAT coolants with 2 ethylhexanoic acid such as Dex-Cool. Some claim the material can prevent the radiator cap from sealing so the system does not pressurize.
This could lead to boiling and fluid loss. The underfilled system can corrode further until the radiator is plugged from the top down with these floating deposits.
— Larry Carley

I don’t know if you have noticed, but there is a lot of women in the parts world. Maybe you should consider changing the name to Counterperson instead of Counterman. Just a thought.
Lincoln, NE


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