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To ADAS … And Beyond!

Fully automated driving could be years away. But the technology is here today.

Superchargers: Pros And Cons

Customers generally look to superchargers for the
instant throttle response, not fuel economy.

Understanding Oxygen Sensors

They play a vital role in achieving the stoichiometric ideal.

Fend Off Old Man Winter With Additives

High-quality fuel treatments, motor oils and additives can go a long way toward keeping vehicles running in cold weather.

Keeping An Eye On Vehicle Fluids

Vehicle owners need to stay on top of fluid levels and their condition to get the most life out of them.

Engine Blocks Support Bottom End And Bottom Line

Engine blocks are the core support for all of the rotating parts in the bottom of the engine.

With Turbochargers, Maintenance Matters

Always remind customers with turbocharged engines to use high-quality oils and to follow recommended maintenance intervals.

Is That Foul Smell Coming From The Cabin Air Filter?

A dirty cabin air filter can become a source of bad odors by trapping moisture and contaminants that promote bacterial growth.

Fuel Pumps: You Might Need More Than One

Today’s vehicles often have more than one pump.

How Brake Pads Are Made

It’s kind of like making waffles.

Air Filters: Media Matters

This isn’t fake news.

Exploring Engine Misfires

Throwing parts at a random misfire code is the worst way to solve the problem.