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WATCH: When Alternators Come Back

When it comes to starter and alternator returns, failures are a fact of life. In these situations you almost have to be like a good prosecuting attorney, building your case by asking some probing questions to find out what really happened. This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

WATCH: Tips On Distributor-Cap Sales And Returns

A customer complains that their replacement distributor cap doesn’t fit or the engine won’t start. What questions do you need to ask first in order to figure out what’s really going on? We’re doing some detective work on Talking Parts.

WATCH: Ignition Coils Gone Bad

Can a damaged ignition coil fry an engine control module? We’re checking the facts on Talking Parts!

WATCH: Why Turbochargers Are Back

Turbochargers are hot right now. But in the early 1990s, a lot of automakers stopped using them. What happened?

WATCH: What Could Sabotage A New Ignition Coil?

To understand what can prevent an ignition coil from doing its job, it’s important to understand the function of a coil in a vehicle’s ignition system.

WATCH: 4 Questions To Ask Customers When They’re Ordering An Ignition Coil

A customer wants to order a single ignition coil. What questions should you ask to make sure you’re covering all the bases?

WATCH: Is It OK to Drive with a Leaking Head Gasket?

Most of us have been in a situation where we know there’s a problem with our vehicle but we just don’t have the time – or money – to get it fixed today.

WATCH: What Is Low-Speed Pre-Ignition?

With more and more vehicles powered by gasoline direct-injected engines and turbocharged direct-injected engines, a phenomenon called low-speed pre-ignition has emerged, and it’s having a big impact on the engine-oil requirements and specifications for late-model vehicles.

WATCH: What Causes Power-Steering Problems?

The most common reason for a loss of power steering is a fluid leak.

WATCH: What Can a Dirty Air Filter Tell You About a Vehicle’s Engine?

A dirty air filter can tell us about the environment it operates in, the frequency of regular maintenance intervals and, sometimes, the condition of the engine itself.

WATCH: What Do Oil Additives Do?

Oil additives offer a number of benefits, including extending the useable life of the vehicle and helping motorists save on mechanical repairs.

WATCH: Why You Should Recommend High-Quality Oil Filters

Today’s oil filters have to collect many times more dirt, filter out finer particles and last longer.