Fill Your Customers in About Total Vehicle Filtration

Fill Your Customers in About Total Vehicle Filtration

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If you’ve ever wondered what one of the biggest threats to a vehicle’s engine is, the answer is microscopic particles.

If these tiny specs of dirt and dust aren’t filtered properly, they will quickly accumulate inside the engine, which can cause significant damage to many parts. Worse yet, this can lead to complete engine failure.

To guard against this – and to extend the life of an engine – protection is of critical importance. But providing the right filtration for the entire vehicle doesn’t stop there.

When most automotive enthusiasts think of FRAM®, oil filters usually come to mind first. More than eight decades of dependable engine protection have established this strong reputation.

But technicians, service writers, shop owners and DIYers everywhere also know that FRAM® has a full line of engine air and cabin air filters to provide advanced protection for all your vehicle’s vital areas.

FRAM’s oil filter categories include a range of advanced, superior or ultimate protection to give drivers many options to fit their respective vehicles, driving habits and local road conditions.

For example, FRAM Extra Guard® oil filters are ideal for everyday drivers who stick to OE recommended oil change intervals. But for drivers who regularly encounter extreme weather or navigate stop-and-go-traffic, then the rugged Tough Guard® filters, designed for 99% filtration efficiency, would be a better choice to meet those demands.

For ultimate protection in all driving conditions, FRAM Ultra Synthetic® oil filters answer the call. These filters are optimized for use with synthetic oil and deliver dependable performance for both new and older engines for up to 20,000 miles.

Don’t Neglect the Engine Air Filter

Total vehicle maintenance is never complete without the proper quality filtration and regular replacement of said filters, and that includes more than just the oil filter.

The most likely spot for road dust, dirt and other airborne particles to enter an engine is through the air intake. Protecting this vulnerable space is crucial, and a quality engine air filter is the first line of defense.

FRAM Ultra Air™ premium engine air filters guard against particles from entering the engine for up to four years or 40,000 miles with 99% efficiency. Choosing the right engine air filter with replacement at the proper intervals is not only important for filtration and protection, but it will improve acceleration, airflow and overall vehicle performance.

Filtration Care for All Critical Spaces

An engine’s intake and internal components are not the only spaces that are vulnerable to harm from airborne contaminants.

A vehicle’s ventilation system is the access point for particles entering the cabin, exposing the driver and passengers to irritating dirt, dust and harmful allergens like pollen. The advent of cabin air filters in 2000 provided a solution for keeping the air inside vehicles cleaner and healthier.

FRAM TrueAir™ is a premium cabin air filter that features an innovative dual layer design combining electrostatically charged media with anti-bacterial silver ion technology. The filter captures 95% of airborne virus-carrying particles (down to 0.3 microns), while inhibiting mold and bacteria growth. TrueAir filters also effectively trap 99% of irritating dirt, dust, pollen and allergens, keeping the air inside the vehicle safe.

Another cabin air filter option, FRAM FreshBreeze®, filters up to 98% of airborne contaminants ranging from 5-100 microns. FreshBreeze filters also offer deodorizing properties with Arm & Hammer® baking soda and activated carbon embedded in its filter media to keep the cabin air clean and fresh.

Regular replacement every 12 months or 12,000 miles for any cabin air filter is the easiest way to keep fresh air flowing without overworking a vehicle’s ventilation system.

FRAM® has a legacy of delivering leading technology and innovations that goes back decades. FRAM® delivers a full set of filtration products to keep contaminants under control in critical spaces. If you’re already protecting engines with quality engine air and oil filters, make sure passengers can ride comfortably with optimal cabin air filtration. Explore the full offering of trusted filters at

Sponsored by FRAM®.

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