New Luber-finer Phone App Helps Technicians Quickly Find the Filters They Need

New Luber-finer Phone App Helps Technicians Quickly Find the Filters They Need

ALBION, Ill. — Luber-finer, a leading Champion Laboratories Inc. filter brand, has released its latest filter change productivity enhancement tool – the new Luber-finer “phone app” for smartphones that run on Android operating systems. This exciting new app can be downloaded for free from the Luber-finer website or online from the Android Market.

The new Luber-finer phone app is designed to provide installers and other Luber-finer partners with one-click access to filter product search and cross-reference information to help speed filter change productivity and operators turn bays quicker. Android users can download the free Luber-finer app now at

“This new phone app is designed specifically to help installers of Luber-finer filters get access to filter information right at their fingertips so they can turn their bays faster and make more money,” said John Casanova, Vice President-Marketing & Sales for Champion Laboratories. “Smartphones are becoming more and more prevalent in our lives and we are proud that the Luber-finer brand is able to make use of this technology to offer leading-edge productivity tools that go the extra mile for our customers in the automotive, light truck, medium-duty and, off- and on-road heavy-duty markets.”

In addition to providing quick product search and cross-reference information, the new Luber-finer app allows users to quickly and easily look up their nearest Luber-finer distributor or reseller. The app covers the entire range of Luber-finer filters for the automotive, medium-duty, off-road and on-road heavy-duty markets, and allows users to conveniently conduct product searches for the correct filter by nearly any make, model and year with up-to-date specifications and data for all filter applications. To watch a demo video of the new phone app in action, go to and click on the Luber-finer Phone App link.

Luber-finer apps for other brands of smartphones are in development and will be available soon. For more information on the complete Luber-finer family of products, visit

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