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Selling Welding Supplies

It’s important to understand the equipment and supplies that are needed for the type of welding that’s common in your local market.

Welding Supplies
Electric Power-Assisted Steering (Part 1)

There are three types of EPAS systems: column-mount; electric hydraulic; and electric rack and pinion.

Alternators Produce More Amps Than Ever

Power output isn’t the only thing that has changed over the years.

Don’t Get ‘Jacked’ By Rusty Brake Rotors

Coated rotors are the antidote to rust jacking.

Rusty Brake Rotors
Selling High-Tech Wiper Blades

Wiper-blade manufacturers are continually making improvements to the design and performance of replacement wiper blades.

Wiper Blades
Selling Shocks And Struts For Crossovers And SUVs

Only manufacturers working directly with OEMs know the exact performance and handling characteristics of individual vehicles.

Shocks Struts Crossovers
Troubleshooting Hub-Bearing Issues On Work Trucks

For more troubleshooting help, Timken has developed a Bearing Damage Analysis guide.

VIDEO: Loaded Steering Knuckles Save Time And Headaches

Dorman has found that its loaded steering knuckles can reduce repair time by up to 75%.

Loaded Steering Knuckles
VIDEO: Importance Of An Undercar ‘Corner Check’

Introducing a new part into an imperfect system is a recipe for a customer comeback.

Suspension Corner Check
VIDEO: Camshaft And Crankshaft Sensors

In modern engines, pinpoint timing is critical, and camshaft and crankshaft sensors play vital roles in making sure everything is running like clockwork.

Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors
VIDEO: 3 Bearing-Hub Installation Tips To Prevent Comebacks

If a hub unit isn’t installed properly, you could be hearing from your customer sooner rather than later.

3 bearing hub installation tips
VIDEO: Benefits Of Iridium Spark Plugs

For the past decade or so, the vast majority of late-model vehicles have rolled off the assembly line with an iridium-tipped spark plug.

iridium spark plug