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Pronto Network Honors Parts Authority With Partnership Award

Parts Authority is a leading national distributor of automotive replacement parts, tools/equipment and transmissions.

Selling Premium Brake Pads

A premium brake pad minimizes noise and rotor wear and maximizes pad life, while providing reassurance that you’ve recommended the best-possible product for your customer.

When Alternators Go Bad

If an alternator isn’t working, it needs to be replaced. 

The Pronto Network Honors Members For Outstanding Achievement

The Pronto Network recognized three of its members at The Group National Conference and Expo in Grapevine, Texas.

Modular Hoses In Vehicle Cooling Systems

With modular hoses taking on more functions and complexity, that means they have more potential failure points than traditional hoses.

A Closer Look At Drum Brakes

Heat retention is the only real drawback to drum brakes.

Bob Samuels Named Pronto Network Executive Of The Year

Samuels leads Buy Wise Auto Parts with seven warehouse and store locations.

Shining A Light On Vehicle Waxes

With all of the new automotive finishes, is waxing a thing of the past?

Recommending Aftermarket Control Arms That Can Take The Heat

The aftermarket has a solution to extend the service life of these unitized aluminum control arms.

Multiparts Direct Joins The Pronto Network

Multiparts Direct leverages e-commerce fulfillment sales volume to support a larger and wider offering of SKUs.

Selling Replacement Parts For Boats

From spark plugs to appearance products, there are plenty of opportunities to serve your boating customers.

What Can A Fastener Tell You?

That bolt has a lot of secrets to tell you if you know what you’re looking for.