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Belt-in-Oil Timing Systems

Belt-in-oil manufacturers claim that “wet belts” offer up to a 30% reduction in friction loss compared to chains or dry belts.

Belt in Oil
Understanding Intercoolers

The intercooler improves volumetric efficiency by increasing intake-air-charge density through constant volume cooling.

Understanding Intercoolers
When Power Windows Lose Their Mojo

Power windows are one of those creature comforts that most drivers take for granted – until they stop working.

Pronto Network’s Roos: Right To Repair Fight ‘Far From Over’

Robert Roos, president of The Pronto Network, discusses key issues affecting the aftermarket in 2022 and beyond.

Robert Roos
Selling Distributor Components (Part 1)

There are still potentially hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road that still have this technology.

Distributor Components Part 1
Electric Power-Assisted Steering (Part 2)

Here are several key things you need to know when dealing with a return scenario.

Timing Belts vs. Timing Chains

Timing belts are more common today, while timing chains were more popular during the reign of the V-8.

Timing Belts Timing Chains
Gas-Charged Lift Supports

Wherever gas springs are used in pairs, it’s especially important to replace them together.

Gas Charged Lift Supports
Recommending Replacement Ignition Coils

The ignition coil is fundamental to the internal-combustion process.

Replacement Ignition Coils
Selling Replacement CV Axles For ATVs And UTVs

When you’re recommending a replacement CV axle for an ATV or UTV, keep in mind that there are aftermarket CV axles that are stronger and more reliable than the OE part.

CV Axles for ATVs and UTVs
Pronto Network Starts 2022 With ‘Repair America’ Promotion

The “2022 Repair America – Xtreme Ride in Moab” package promotion will take place in January and February.

Repair America
Understanding Wiper Systems

The wipers are just one element of a system that includes other parts that might need to be replaced from time to time. 

Wiper Systems