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Aftermarket Upgrades for More Horsepower

Your customers have options when they want to add more giddy-up to their vehicles.

Turbochargers and GDI: A Winning Combination

Automakers have turned to turbochargers and GDI to boost fuel economy and horsepower – with less displacement.

CRP Automotive Offers Rein Turbo Kits for Popular BMW Models

The kits include all the hoses, gaskets and hardware needed to complete the job.

Overview Of Turbocharger Operation And Failure Points

How does a turbocharger work? Let’s talk about it in simple terms.

Best Practices For Turbocharger Service

Turbo performance can only be impaired by mechanical damage or blockage caused by debris.

Standard Motor Products Introduces 146 New Part Numbers

The release spans 55 different product categories and includes 38 part numbers for 2021 and 2022 model-year vehicles.

A Closer Look: Turbocharger Operation and Installation

Turbocharger Overview With an effort to increase fuel efficiency, maintain performance and reduce emissions, vehicle manufacturers are adding turbocharged engines to their lineups at a significant rate. Over the next five years, the turbo service market will continue to experience substantial growth. At a basic level, a turbocharger consists of just three major internal components:

Understanding Intercoolers

The intercooler improves volumetric efficiency by increasing intake-air-charge density through constant volume cooling.

Understanding Intercoolers
Rotomaster Puts New Spin On Its Turbocharger Brand

The re-engineered brand reflects Rotomaster’s forward-thinking approach to turbo engineering and design, the company says.

VIDEO: Minimizing Turbocharger Returns

Often, premature failure of a turbo can be traced back to a lack of maintenance or issues with the supporting components.

Turbocharger Returns
VIDEO: Turbocharger Failure Points And Installation Tips

Maintaining proper lubrication is critical to maximizing turbocharger life.

Turbocharger Failure Points and Replacement Tips
Gasoline Direct Injection Is Better, Not Perfect

Your customers could face problems if they don’t keep up with maintenance.

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