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CalAmp Launches Video Telematics System For Fleets

CalAmp recently introduced CalAmp iOn Vision, a fully integrated video telematics solution that provides fleet operators and service providers with actionable and deterministic video insights to help mitigate liabilities and improve fleet safety.

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The solution features a self-install camera along with a CalAmp Wi-Fi-enabled telematics edge device and video server, enabling accurate assessment of driver behavior to improve driving efficiency and fleet safety under ever-changing road conditions, according to the company.

Clem Driscoll’s 2019-20 Survey of Trucking Fleet Operators found that nearly all respondents with 10% or more of their existing fleet vehicles equipped with video cameras, rated “determining liability in the event of an accident” either “very important” or “important.” Due to this increasing focus on driver safety, a majority of new fleet contracts require some sort of real-time video solution and tracking to mitigate liabilities, reduce driver and vehicle downtime, and provide driver-behavior feedback for training purposes.


CalAmp iOn Vision helps identify and reduce risk factors that often cause collisions by monitoring speed, stop-sign violations, tailgating, harsh braking and rapid acceleration. Moreover, iOn Vision, coupled with CrashBoxx, CalAmp’s award-winning crash detection technology, enables fleet operators to capture video evidence of critical collision events to facilitate investigations and claims processing.

“For more than a decade, CalAmp has been working to redefine telematics insights to drive value for our customers,” said Michael Burdiek, CEO of CalAmp. “CalAmp’s iOn Vision aligns with our mission to offer the best solutions with actionable intelligence in order to maximize our customers’ ROI. iOn Vision also tackles the challenging business problems fleet operators and service providers face to protect drivers and fleet assets.”


CalAmp iOn Vision utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge and in the cloud to process road-facing and driver-based video to provide the full context of each vehicular event. In addition, customers can easily configure and modify their telematics engine with cloud-hosted video clips and driver analytics, according to the company. These functions also can be directly integrated with any enterprise software application via an API, allowing all data insights to be viewable through one web portal.

Additional CalAmp iOn Suite of Telematics Services can be bundled with iOn Vision to provide enhanced contextual insights around driver behavior, including CrashBoxx-triggered video clips, detailed accident-reconstruction reports, Driver Behavior Scorecard and iOn Tags that track service-critical equipment paired with fleet vehicles. This expanded suite of value-added services enable fleet operators and telematics service providers to innovate and expand their mobile IoT solutions as business needs evolve.

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